Wee Winks Market, Thumann's Deli Meats

Thumann's Deli Meats

Large selection of Thumann's deli meats to choose from!
Wee Winks Market, All Your Grocery Needs

All Your Grocery Needs

Find everything you need for the beach!
Wee Winks Market, Pastries & Baked Goods

Pastries & Baked Goods

We have an extensive selection of pastries and baked goods to choose from! Call ahead and get enough for the house to go!
Wee Winks Market, Fresh Brewed Coffee

Fresh Brewed Coffee

Come in and get your morning java with us!
Wee Winks Market, New Building

New Building

Come on in and check out our new building! Allows us to offer you more!
Wee Winks Market, Largest Wine Selection in Duck

Largest Wine Selection in Duck

Come in and check out the largest wine selection in the Town of Duck!
Wee Winks Market, cheeses


Gourmet and imported cheeses.
Wee Winks Market, OBX Souvenirs

OBX Souvenirs

Get ALL your OBX souvenirs right here! You will find something for everyone back home!
Wee Winks Market, Deli Sandwiches

Deli Sandwiches

Deli Sandwiches made fresh daily! Come on in and get everyone's lunch for the beach!